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Edda Gerlach, CV

Edda Gerlach, CV

Edda Gerlach born 1967

1988 - 1995: Medical studies at the University of Mainz
1996 - 1997: Intern, St. Anna-Hospital Herne
1998 - 2003: Assistant Doctor Marien-Hospital Marl
2003 - 2010: Senior physician at different facilities, most recently at Vinzenz-Hospital Dinslaken

2010 - 2011: Job sharing partner at Gynäkologische Tagesklinik Krefeld / Rutt, Meyer, Stelzer, Füllers Group Surgery

2011 to present Founding partner and attending physician at C3 Kliniken Essen

Medical and scientific specialisations: Gynaecological, organ-preserving endoscopy, urodynamics
MIC III certification for minimally-invasive surgery from the German Association of Gynaecological Endoscopy (AGE), also working until 2010 as the head of the AGE’s MIC training centre.