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Dr. Ralf Wagner, CV

Dr. Ralf Wagner, CV


Dr. Ralf Wagner, CV
born 1964

1985 - 1991
Medical Studies - Multiple internships in gynaecology, surgery

1991 - 1992:
Practical year - Specialisms: Internal, surgery and gynaecology

1992 - 1999:
Internship and residency
Doctorate at the University of Mainz
Other internships:
Special sonography diagnostics: Prof. Bald (Cologne), Prof. Sohn (Heidelberg)
Advanced training in pain therapy
Begin specialisation for endoscopic surgery

1999 - 2004:
Senior Doctor:
Specialist for urodynamic diagnostics (female urinary incontinence)
Breast surgery including augmentation, reconstructive methods, oncoplastic surgery as well as breast reduction
Increase of endoscopic surgery methods
Membership of German Association of Gynaecological Endoscopy (AGE)
Multiple surgical internships/collaboration with renowned experts (including Prof. Possover (Zürich), Prof. Keckstein (Villach, Austria))
Certification:  Facultative further education: Specialism in special surgical gynaecology (2002)

Intensive specialisation in micro-invasive operations

From 2005:
Founder and Chief Physician of C3 Kliniken Düsseldorf
Licence for the further/advanced education (2 years) of gynaecologists since 2006
Member of ESGE (European Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy)
Awarding of the MIC III certification (2009)
The MIC III certificate places the highest demands on surgeon related to the range and number of operations. Certification is for gynaecologists who have been surgically active for several years and codetermine the development of minimally invasive surgery in the field of gynaecology - there are currently 55 MIC III surgeons in Germany (as of May 2012)