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After the operation

After the operation

Post-operative phase
In your room you’ll be able to recover from the operation and anaesthesia. Our trained and dedicated nurses will be happy to provide you beverages such as tea, coffee or mineral water and small pastries or rusk bread. They will regularly check your blood pressure, change bandages if required and be there to ease the recovery phase. Family members can visit you in your room. However, we ask that you do not bring small children to the clinic on the day of your operation. Very soon after the operation you should get out of bed to get your circulation going. Once you are up to it you may then stay in our rest room. During the post-operative phase you will also be medically cared for by the anaesthetist.

Should you feel up to it, discharge normally takes place on the day of the operation. Only for specific clinical pictures or by express wish do patients stay overnight in the clinic. Your surgeon will then examine and discharge you in person. Part of this is discussing with you the clinical picture, how the operation went and any other measures that were necessary. On average most can leave the clinic 2 to 4 hours following the operation. At this time you will be given a detailed report about the operation that your doctor requires for further treatment.

The aftereffects of anaesthetics can impact your alertness and your ability to operate a motor vehicle. For this reason you should first get a good night's sleep before attempting to drive by yourself, use public transport on your own or take an important decision. Have someone pick you up or take a taxi. Once discharged from medical treatment you are responsible for your own actions.

Follow-up care
One day after the operation you should visit your gynaecologist's or at least call him to tell him about the operation and how you are feeling and make an appointment for a follow-up examination, because your doctor is normally in charge of your care from now on. We recommend being examined by your attending physician within the first eight days after the operation. Also, make sure to give him the operation report you received. If you are unable to reach your doctor you are of course welcome to get in touch with us. If the clinic is closed, you can get the telephone number of our doctor on call from our answering machine.