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Preparations and the day of the operation

Preparations and the day of the operation

Preliminary meeting
If in addition to the consultations with your referring gynaecologist you would like to meet with the surgeon or the anaesthetist, call our reception to set up an appointment.

Operation time
On the day before the operation call us by 10:00 am to ask about the time you should be at the clinic. Be aware that you may have to wait a for a while; the operation times are based on average operation times for the specific types of operations. Some operations take less and some more time than the average. Should you have to wait, keep in mind that your operation may also take longer than normal. It is certainly in your interest that we exercise the same amount of care no matter the length of the operation.

Pre-operative fasting
For at least 6 hours before the operation do not drink, eat or smoke. Report to the reception area in the clinic at the appointed time.

Bring with you:
- Findings, laboratory results, and any other documents you have or we request
- Slippers or warm socks for the operation, a second pair of underwear
- Sanitary pads/towels if required
- A firm bra (for breast operations) if required
- For stomach operations wide, loose clothing, preferably leisure clothing

Do not wear:
- Make-up (anaesthesia may cause your eyes to tear up)
- Nail polish (allowing circulation to be better monitored)
- Jewellery and any valuables (C3 Kliniken cannot assume liability)

From us you’ll get:
- A patient operation gown
- Bed linen
- Coffee
- Tea
- Mineral water
- Rusk bread, pastries

The operation
Once you have been taken to your room we, the surgeon and the anaesthetist, will come by to introduce ourselves or welcome you. After this, once you have changed you’ll be accompanied to the operation room. Once there, our anaesthetist will administer the anaesthesia and the operation will begin. Immediately following the operation you’ll be awakened from the anaesthesia.