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Gynaecological operations

Gynaecological operations

Our outpatient operations are characterised by the use of the finest special instruments and an extremely non-invasive approach. This puts less strain on the patient and lowers the rate of complications to a minimum. Major operations, abdominal incisions or a hysterectomy in particular can virtually always be avoided by the use of minimally-invasive methods ("keyhole surgery"). This makes a long-term inpatient stay unnecessary. Organ preservation is the goal of each operation. Unlike classical inpatient gynaecological operations the uterus is almost always preserved. The recovery phase following an outpatient operation is significantly shortened by the use of state-of-the-art anaesthetics and procedures. A majority of gynaecological interventions can take place in this manner. Over 75% of gynaecological operations is the USA are performed on an outpatient basis. This is currently just 10% in Germany.

“Endoscopy” is the general term for minimally-invasive surgical procedures. One of these special instruments is an optical device that uses an small video camera to display high resolution images on a monitor, allowing the surgeon to work at a high level of precision. The results of treatment using state-of-the-art endoscopic methods can again be improved by the use of laser technology. Laser technology ensures a virtually bloodless and extremely gentle form of preparation. Undesired side effects can be prevented almost completely (e.g. long-term adhesions and discomfort). Laser are not used in endoscopic operations only (e.g. laparoscopy, treatment of Fallopian tube sterility), but also in interventions on the external genitalia or cervix (conisation, condylomas, etc.).

Benefits of outpatient operations

  • Gentle methods
  • Organ preservation
  • Lower surgical risk (e.g. for infections)
  • Lower rate of complications (e.g. of thrombosis)
  • Shorter course of treatment
  • Virtually no private or work time lost
  • Benefits of small incisions: almost pain-free, nearly invisible scars, etc.
  • Short convalescence
  • Cuts costs compared to a hospital stay