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We always strive to provide our patients personalized individual care. This is why you should meet our surgeon beforehand. Feel free to get into touch with us by e-mail about any questions you may have.

Edda Gerlach is the attending physician. She has many years of experience as a senior physician and gynaecological surgeon. Minimally-invasive surgical methods and urodynamics/urogynaecology are her specialisations. In addition to her experience, through intensive training and further educational courses Dr. Gerlach has the knowledge and qualifications to ensure the high quality standards of C3 Kliniken.
Frau Gerlach holds MIC III certification for minimally-invasive surgery from the German Association of Gynaecological Endoscopy. This distinction is awarded according to special criteria to surgeons who perform a minimum number of specific levels of surgical procedures. Furthermore, Dr. Gerlach herself works as a trainer and director of the MIC training centre.