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Introduction / Understanding

Welcome - at this point we’d like to give you some insight into our understanding and introduce our clinic.

Get an impression of the modern and confidence inspiring facilities and find out everything you need to know about C3 Kliniken Essen.

Dear patient and fellow colleague,

C3 Kliniken Essen views itself as a specialised day clinic that does all gynaecological procedures that can be performed on an outpatient basis. We do this at the highest level employing state-of-the-art equipment and surgical methods. Our top priority is to provide our patients minimally-invasive and, whenever possible, organ-preserving operations. Our doctors are skilled in the latest endoscopic and laser-supported techniques for outpatient gynaecological surgery.

Our experience is based on the many years of experience our medical personnel has in performing operations. C3 Kliniken Essen works on the referral principle. Should your attending gynaecologist determine a diagnostic finding, he will decide on the necessity of an operation in close consultation with us. He will then refer you to us. After a preliminary discussion and perhaps another examination performed by us ("a second opinion”) the treatment strategy will be explained to you. The follow-up examination is then in the hands of your local gynaecologist. Satisfied patients are the mark of confidence for us and our referring physicians.

In addition to performing surgery,  urinary incontinence diagnostics is another part of our work.

Our understanding summarized:

  • Personal care: Direct contact and preliminary discussion with the surgeon and anaesthetist.
  • High-quality medicine with state-of-the-art medical equipment, meaning the use of minimally-invasive surgical procedures (laparoscopic or ‘key hole surgery’) resulting is short recovery times and organ preservation
  • Patient-oriented procedures and gentle treatment methods
  • Outpatient or only short-term inpatient stay
  • Intensive exchange with referring general practitioner colleagues for the benefit of the patient